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Was it your teenage dream to learn to play guitar? Or do you still dream of it? Why not? Do not throw in the towel and go into action! If you do not start, you'll probably never do. The guitar is the ideal tool for yourself to learn. Besides the thousands of books and websites available, here are some tips on the best way to learn guitar.

Tip1: Reflect before you start

Much money has been thrown out the window by impulsive purchase of a guitar, guitar picks, voice box, strap, amp etc..

The best way to learn guitar is with the company of friends who you can share knowledge with, or share a guitar with, or maybe borrow for a month. Often the basis of the underrated guitar playing and lack of perseverance, after a month you will be glad that you have not purchased the equipment.

If you are still a fighter, determined to ever be able to play guitar, you can proceed to purchase your first guitar. But beware, because a seller remains a seller. So take best information at different stores or ask advice of friends who are more familiar with about guitars.

It is probably best that you can start with an acoustic guitar. Playing on an electric guitar requires more skill and is already difficult to start.  A beginner’s acoustic guitar will also cost far less than a decent electric guitar with amplifier.

Tip2: How do I vote my guitar

The guitar is usually tuned in EADGBE. Each letter states here in order for a string on your guitar, with the first E for the thickest string. When you turn on the voice box, the silences, and an open string playing, there is such a letter appear. And you'll try until the correct letter in each string comes up, plus a green light.

Some songs will get the guitar to vote differently, but we do not initially need.

Tip3: How do I best

Look for some references and start with the basic chords to memorize. Also learn the correct fingering on your guitar.

It is best that you learn the fingering of 2 chords simultaneously. Save the one chord once, count to 3, you have 3 seconds to change your fingering to another chord and save it to. And count back to 3 to switch to the first chord. If this is done in a nice work, you can proceed to 2 seconds, until you can switch chords smoothly. This may take several days to a week. Do not give up so. When you feel ready, you can already have 3rd chord accompaniments.

If you already have mastered a few chords, and already had a varied impact tried, you can proceed to locate a beginner song. There are thousands of songs you can play with just the basic chords.

And occasionally you will be trying a new song in a strange new understanding also that you will then have to learn to play. And then you come to new agreements and this is the best way to learn guitar to get your own pace. Persistence will win anyway.